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How exercise helps your mind (not just your body)

How Exercise Helps Your Mind

Most of us know about the physical effects of exercise. We know that it’s good for your heart. We have heard about how it can help ward off diabetes and weight…of course you can lose weight from regular exercise. But how many of us think about the mental effects of exercise? You might have heard…

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How to stop procrastinating (and become Better Than Ever)

  Putting it off, delaying, procrastinating. It’s a problem, right? Not just for you, procrastination is a massive, debilitating problem for so many people. It holds us back from making decisions and stops us from doing the things that we know must be done. Take a step back for a moment and take stock of…

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Running a half-marathon in 3 months

Anthony became a runner of a half marathon in 3 months

When café owner – and proud member of the Better Than Ever family – Anthony Pollina started out on his journey toward running a half-marathon, he would have never predicted exactly how difficult he would find the task. He was forty-one, overweight and had never run close to a half-marathon. ‘It’s been the easiest challenge…

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Your guide to winter fitness

Running in cold weather

Working out during the depths of winter? Ugh! Many people shudder just at the thought of it. The colder months of the year present some of the biggest challenges to your workout routine, but thankfully also some of the biggest rewards. So how should your mindset and your workout change when you don’t even feel…

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